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A script to display pages of the Synaxarium, the Daily Readings and the Synopsis of the Daily Readings as used by Coptic Orthodox Churches.
The displayed pages of the Holy Bible and the Daily Readings are searchable for certain keywords.

All the data for the bible and the Daily Readings was donated to me by webmaster of Coptic Orthodox churches for the use in this project. It was suggested to make the results of this project, if possible and prudent, available to all Coptic Orthodox churches at their request.
Versions and origin of the donated data unknown.

This program is distributed in the hope that it may be useful.
Downloading and installing and use of the programs are at your own risk.
It is WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

Please Note:
The correctness of what will be displayed by using this `Stand Alone Program` has and will comtinue to be tested and if needed updated by comparing the information available in the five volumes of the `KATAMEAROS OF THE DAYS`, a publication of the translation of the `Arabic Katameros` and published by `St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church`, Ottawa, Canada.
Please inform me of any errors or discrepancies.

Chris Sengers.

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See here under images of the `Preface` and `Introduction` page of the volumes of the `KATAMEAROS OF THE DAYS` by the publisher, the `St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church`, Ottawa, Canada.

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